DEC Alpha-4100 Serial ports - how to access?

Have a DEC Alpha-4100 running DEC UNIX 4.1 and would like to know how to access the two "COM" type ports on the rear of the CPU bay.
Have tried looking in DEC's 'man pages' CD (next to useless!) and theres no more
info on Compaq's web-site.
I need to know the /dev entries (and possibly how to create them if not already there) and be able to do an stty command to see the ports (want to hang a couple of async modems off them).
I'm not looking to have a getty running on them as they are strictly dial-out only.
Many thanks all!
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adacunhaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello !

you should be able to use the ACE(7) device with /dev/tty00 and /dev/tty01 ( do a ./MAKEDEV ace0 if not present in /dev)
# file /dev/tty0* will show you your lines like:
tty00:  character special (35/0) ACE_SLU #0 terminal #0 modem_control on
tty01:  character special (35/1) ACE_SLU #0 terminal #1 modem_control off

If "# file /dev/tty0*" don't show your  "ace - Serial communications interface", your vmunix may ignore them, so run the genvmunix and your ACE device, if it's ok, build a new vmunix.
If your ace is ignored by genvmunix, you will have to check the console setting for this EISA device with command like:

Blind stab at this, but I'm guessing they'd be under the /dev/term or /dev/cua devices.. those are pretty much standard across various unix variants.

Should be fairly easy to determine which device names from there, assuming you don't have any other serial expansion in the box.


paulmannAuthor Commented:
Cheers Dean - just also had a similar answer from Compaq - but they neglected to mention the last bit about ecu ... just for info as well - the second port on the motherboard also has a jumper associated with it - if not set it effectively disables the port for serial use!
Thanks again!
Paul M.
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