Converting a word document to power point

How do i convert word document to power point? ( i have 22 pages full of words and picturs and don't want to copy it page by page)
Please HELP
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michaelboyerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using PowerPoint, open the word document you want converted. Do so by starting PPT, go to <File> then <open>.  This will bring up a window prompting you to choose a file.  In the bottom right hand corner you will see a selections "Files and Types."  Change that to "All," or "All outlines" -your choice.  Then, find your word file and press open.  
That will open your word document in PPT.  Next, select <view> then <slide> to view the presentation slide by slide.  You will need to do some re-formating to get everything to match up.

Good luck,

You can save the word document as an HTML document and open in pwerpoint as an html document. Hope this will solve your problem
RevitalAuthor Commented:
Sorry, but it didn't work....
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