To jrhelgeson per AudioMedia3

   Upon advise of jrhelgeson I bought the AudioMedia3(one fine sound card,thank you once again).  So anyway,  it works with most of my appz, but it doesn't work with a program called fuityloops (due to drop outs).  Also sometimes there are drop outs when playing mp3's and such that I didn't have before.   However with programs like cubase, not one problem.  Now I already did the following

-disabled PCI BUSTING and all power management.
-disabled hard disk write behind
-made sure of DMA was enabled
-formatted and reinstalled everything
(It's a thing I do when all else fails thing of mine.)
-fixed the virtual memory

My system is
-300mhz amd
-64 mb
-ide based 56ooo rpm drives
-using window 98 pnp beta_3 drivers

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riglinAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
-ide based 56ooo rpm drives

56,000 rpm drives?  Where did you get these babies??  They must really SCREAM!
In my experience with the AudioMedia III card, I have found that if I have problems with it, it is usually the package that I'm using.

While I have not used Fruityloops, I would be willing to bet that it would have something to do with their software.

How are you trying to record?  Are you using SPDIF or ANALOG?
What are the record settings?
How often is it droping?

Have you looked at FruityLoops website or asked them for advice?

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riglinAuthor Commented:
No problems recording at all.  None, Zero, Cubase has alway's been good to me.

(I'm on Win98SE)

I just get drops with things like win amp, and basic stuff.   I think you are right about it being the software (there are alot of detials needed to address the sound card).  Anything else to suggest? (Recording @ home is becoming quite expensive and time consuming)

I'm emailing the loops now. There tech support is very good, but, swamped.
Also Loops is just a loop based (ironic eh?) program for drums and techno.  I can alway's use a chessy sound card and then convert to wav witch is what I'm doing now.
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