Few basic question.. by a newbie...

i just installed RH6 on a computer that conntcted to LAN (NT server and windows workstation).
now i have few questions:

1. Can i mount a drive on other computer that runs Windows9X?? (using NFS???) and how..

2. I wanna turn this computer to a proxy sevrer what shell i use ?

3. Printing on a printer that connected to WindosNT workststion.

4. how to extract  tar.gz files????

5. i always had problems compiling and installing new stuff can you please help me with that?

6. I think that on RH5.2 i config my sound card with the linuxconf but i cant find where to do it on version 6.
i have normal 16bit sound blaster (creative labs)
I thanks you very much for nay help.....
many thanks
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kishk91Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
Lest go step by step...
1. and 3. The answer for both questions may be SAMBA (http://www.samba.org). With SAMBA you can share files and printers from win95 and linux and vice-versa. Normally RH can install it (you have the RPM files on the distribution CD or can download from the site mentiones above). The configuration is very easy (you need to change some lines on the file /etc/smb.conf for a RH distribution installation and in /usr/local/samba/lib if you downoaded and compiled your own)

2. There are many options to achieve this: TIS Firewall Toolkit (www.fwtk.org), squid ( http://squid.nlanr.net) and you can also use IPChains (to enable the kernel embeded proxy abilities of linux -- for this there is a HOWTO which explains how to do that).

4. It depends on the applications you're trying to compile, and the errors you obtain when compiling... I can't guess what you'rre trying to do... so please If you can give us more details about this particular problem.

5. For the sound card, the easiest way for me, is always to recompile my kernel, and giving there the specs of where the soundcard is (IRQ and mem addresses), and it's done...

  Feel free to contact me again... or obviously these experts forum....

  Good luck


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kishk91Author Commented:
well.. i managed to connect to other cmputer using smbclient. and its great...

but i wanna ask more:
first how do i extract tar.gz files???

secondly.. lets say that i wanna compile new kernel..
or install new version of netscape..
i allways had  problems to compile.. i dont know why...

to extract tar.gz or tgz files, you should use tar with -xzvf options "enabled":

 tar -xzvf file.tgz

With you kernel compilation problem,maybe if you give us more details about thererrors you're obtaining it will be easy to help you.

Installing netscapen, idem,... more information we have, the best we can help you...


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