Lotus Notes and Metastream

Hi experts !

Does anyone know, if there is a way to involve Metastream-objects
(web-application created with notes) in a form?
I already created an object and I see the Metastream-viewer in the form. But
I didn't find a possibility to establish a link to a metastream-object.
Further I would like to create a Combobox, where I can select the different
objects. Is one special object selected it should be shown in the

Please help! :o))


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skancherlaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your problem can be solved by choosing
Show single category as the event in embedded views(in Programmer's pane of  the form)
You can restrict an embedded view to a single category.
1.Choose "Show Single Category" as the event in the Programmer's pane.
2.Enter a formula to compute the category. (eg: @text(your Combobox  field name))

The formula can make use of information about the current user and information from the current document (the one embedding the view).
For the Show Single Category option to work, the embedded view must first have been categorized . Note that the category name will not appear in the embedded view.  For example,  if you check the Show Single Category box for a category named Kitchen,  the embedded view will not have a line named Kitchen. Instead, you will see under Kitchen documents such as Stove, Refrigerator, and so on.
You cannot use @Commands with Show Single Category.

If you need more info. Pl let me know

Good Luck,
woodlottAuthor Commented:
Hi Sanjay,
we haven't tried your solution yet.
Because the first unit of our question (how to embed a Metastream-Objects)
wasn't answered.

Thanks Tom
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