listbox and dialog problems

I made a program that is dialog based program.  I have a listbox that I want to doubleclick on something in the listbox and have it show up in an edit control.  Know I know that I need to go into classwizard and choose the listboxes Object ID and choose BN_dblclicked message so that when I dblclick on something in the listbox it will actually do something.  When I choose the Classname that I want this to work in, thte object ID for my listbox does not show up in the CDlg but only in the CApp, I want to choose it for CDlg.  Now if I need to choose the one for CApp how do I make it so that when I dblclick on the listbox in the dialog it will actually show something in the edit box on the same dialog?  I tried it and when I compiled it the member variables for the listbox and the edit control are not valid variables in the CApp but they are in the CDlg.  
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shaigConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to delete and rebuild your .CLW file (should be named after the project name).

After you do this, inspect your CDlg file.
simongodAuthor Commented:
it worked thanks, is there a problem with VC++ ver 6 that it does that?  I have the lastest service pack for it (i think that it installed correctly)
It has always been a problem, sometimes it is causes when using the source safe program (then files get read only so they can't be writen).
I never investigated exactly what causes the bug, probably because the solution is rather simple and it almost doesn't happen.
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