Jconnect and setAutoCommit

Accessing Metadata with Enterprise version of Sybase, I have an SQL Exception (java.sql.SQLException: JZ0SJ: Les informations d'accès aux métadonnées sont introuvables dans cette base de données.).
 When I use JIsql I have no problem. I installed the StoredProcedures in order  java can access the matadata but it still not work well.
Maybe, it is a problem of configuration of Sybase but i am not sure.

                                 Has somebody had same trouble ? And how can I resolve it ?
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jkotekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you get any errors before this?

It can be an issue of inaccessible or badly installed sp_mda stored procedure (from sql_server.sql script). Try to re-run this script or try to execute the sp_mda from JIsql.

And information on jConnect / ASE version can be usefull.
jguyAuthor Commented:
I resolved my trouble. I had just to re-install the serveur. Now it go well.
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