How to autoload a program when login

Can anyone advice me on with file must I edit to call the executable file of a program so that it will load up automaticaly when login? I am using solaris and I have tried calling the program from files like .profile or login but both file to load properly? ???

the program that I have tried to load is netscape.
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If you are using CDE, from your home directory,  you need to edit your .dt/sessions/home/dt.session file. Follow the example of the other commands already there.

Otherwise, try editing your .xsession file in your home directory. Don't forget to run them in the background (i.e. 'xearth &').

Please leave a comment if you need more help. Thanks


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You should have no problem starting a program from the .profile or login scripts .cshrc or .kshrc etc... (just find which file is being apllied or used at login dependant). and and long as you can manually start the program itself from a command line without going through any other sub-routines first.

first make sure your .profile or login script file is reading your environment variables and then create a script file that cd's to your netscape directory and runs the startup program name. CD is crucial need to be in the working directory or at least have a PATH set to it in your environment.

Typically the environment is the cause of troubles like this.

Good luck.

Oh and Mpass ..that really should have been a comment not an answer as it is really incomplete and assumes things that you dont knoww are valid (CDE etc...) ... no biggie ..just a thought.

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