Cannot connect to RoadRunner Cable Internet Access after loading Office 2000

I cannot connect to Road Runner online cable modem access after loading office 2000 the light under cable blinks continuous my friend says this is a problem with roadrunner but I have never had a problem with road runner service before.
I am running the following hardware

Gateway PC
Windows 98 first edition
Office 2000 premium edition
64Mb of RAM
Motorola Cable modem
10MB NIC card.
I called roadrunner service they say they do not support office 2000 as of yet. My friend runs office 2000 without any problem with his roadrunner service.
But it would seem as if the office 2000 program is sending data to the cable modem and rendering it useless like some sort of virtual device driver file.
After the install of office the internet access worked fine for that day the pc was shutdown left shutdown overnight next day it would not work and the cabel light kept blinking. I uninstalled office 2000 because roadrunner would not help me until it was uninstalled. the modem light continued to blink even after shjutting it of uninstalling office and hitting the reset button i went to bed for that night got up the next day the cable light was not blinking anymore and it was working fine. figured it was a problem with the service , reloaded office rebooted multuiple times still worked fine that whole night
when i brought up the system today I get an error message pointing to wsock32.dll I tried extracing the orginal file off of the win98 cd and it made no difference  
please help

IF this is not a simple resolveable problem when I get more points I will pay them out to the person that resolves this
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My cable-modem has four lights:
1. power -- always on
2. online -- always off(???)
3. send -- on when it's sending
4. receive -- on when it's receiving.

However, when the modem is first turned-on, then most of the lights blink, for 10 to 30 seconds, until the modem gets "synchronized" with the cable-signals.

Unplug the cable between the modem and your network-card.
If the modem's lights continue to blink, then it's not related to your computer; call your cable-company and report it.

> I uninstalled office 2000 because roadrunner would not help me until it was uninstalled.

I'm reluctant to say it, but you wasted your time listening to that *bad* advice -- there shouldn't be any interaction between Office 2000 and your networking software/hardware.
briancassinAuthor Commented:
otta now it is working fine there is obviously problems with the roadrunner service that thhey are not willing to own up to. Thank you for your help that is the same thing that I thought and it is obvious they do not know what they are talking about
So, what's next?
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briancassinAuthor Commented:
I agree with you on what you said and roadrunner was fine all day yesterday obviously like we both agree eproblem with the service
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