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My office just set up a network.  How do I set up Outlook so each user has to log into Outlook?
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wvandenbergAuthor Commented:
The way our network is set up now, each user's mail settings remain on the computer on which the mail settings were set up.
If you want to store mail locally, then use Personal Folders in Outlook and set a password on each one, done from the settings on the Personal Folders component

Or, you can store the mail centrally, on an exchange server, for instance. As long as your users are connecting to an NT domain, you can tie in each mailbox to a certain NT user account. Then as long as your users don't give each other their passwords, you are using their login to verify their access to a mailbox.


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Under Windows NT, Outlook's settings are automatically stored in the user's default profile:


and if you have not tinkered with default permissions or system policies, all the settings are specific to that particular user and are not available to or visible by others (unless they have admin privileges). Under such a scheme, all a user needs to do is to login under his name to the workstation, Outlook will use his personal profile and settings automatically.

If a roaming profile is used on a network share, then no matter which workstation on the network the user logs in to, his settings will "travel with him". Cool, so long as that share's availability is high.

Under Win9X, by default all users share the same user profile. You must enable user profiles for every user before installing Outlook to create customized settings for each user. Win9X however lacks NT's security, and consequently will not deter a determined user from snooping into other users' profiles, which includes Outlook stuff. Outlook pst files can be password protected.

If you have already installed Outlook before enabling user profiles, then you either have to uninstall/reinstall Outlook and perhaps IE, or tinker with the registry - a chancy proposition at best.
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