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Network Card

I have 2 net cards a linksys and a netgear.  How do you get them to work. I have trided all the drivers.  What do I do ?  I have 6.5 Linix
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If these are PCI cards, they both use the tulip driver. If not, they use the NE2000 driver.

If you're not PCI and you build the driver into the kernel, you need to add a line like this to your lilo.conf and RERUN lilo:

append="ether=11,0x300,eth0 ether=12,0x320,eth1"

The first number after the = is the IRQ, the second is the I/O base address.

If you use modules, you need to update your /etc/conf.modules with something like this:

alias eth0 ne
alias eth1 ne
options ne io=0x300,0x320

Where io=I/O base address, again.

If your cards are PCI, you should just be able to load the module (tulip) and the system will get the card settings. You may have to load tulip twice, or add the appropriate command to modules.conf for both cards.

Read /usr/src/linux/Documentation/networking/network-modules.txt (assuming you have the kernel source installed in the normal spot).
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