Does a UNIX S5 file system driver exist for Windows NT?

I would like to mount, read, and write a hard drive containing a UNIX S5 file system on a Windows NT machine.  The drive is attached to the Windows NT system itself on a PCMCIA interface, so network solutions such as Samba or NFS don't apply.  Is there a driver available which would allow me to do that (free or otherwise)?
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rbrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think you will find a driver for Windows NT. Why can't you connect the drive to a UNIX system and use samba, nfs or ftp.
booff010799Author Commented:
Edited text of question.
booff010799Author Commented:
I'm dealing with a pre-existing embedded network architecture, so I don't have the freedom to add systems or connections, and the systems themselves can't be arbitrarily changed.  The constraints are fairly severe, so I'm looking for the types of solutions that I might be able to implement at minimal cost.  If I can't do it given the current constraints, then it just won't be done.  I wanted to exhaust all possible sources of information before deciding.
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