Accessing physical memory address

Working with PC architecture, with a communications device (CAN chip) built in, with address space 0xdff00 to 0xdffff (not 'I/O' space).  ONE application under Windows98 (read: not shared device) needs to RESERVE this memory range and then READ/WRITE to it.  The device also issues interrupts with that I need to service.

1. DO I HAVE TO CREATE A VxD to do this, or is there a simpler way?
2. Is there a book/site that has examples of VxD (or other solution) written in C, or do I have to learn assembly to work in driver-land?

Thank you in advance!
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Yes you need a Vxd
No you don't need to do asm (for most things).

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jwalsethAuthor Commented:
Reviewing answers to a similar question, I found this suggestion:

3) Use shareware TVicHW32

and it looks like this may work for me, although I am not sure yet if I can reserve memory for my device with this.
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