SIMPLE way to download files

Is there a simple way to download files from my site directly to visitors.  I have no need to collect info from them.  I am working with HTML.
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LermitteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<a href="../download/">comment</a>

Use this in your page.
Is that what you want??

RationalWayneAuthor Commented:

I'm a bit of a beginner at this.  The answer may be what I need but I can not quite understand it.  

<a href="../download/">comment</a>

The code I take it is the same as a link but would cause a download.  So, if filled out in full It might look like this:

<a href="http.www.MySiteProfider/">Download</a>

In this case "download" works something like a command. It will cause the file to download..  Am I correct?  Please let me know.

Thanks Again
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