Re-booting, when I try to get on line.

When I want to go on line,  my PC goes black, & re-boots, sometimes it will do it a 2nd time before I can ever get on line.
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dipnbaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what about power supply? computers usually re-boot while accessing hardwares when there's not enough current for it.
check the flow control on the modem

1)  double click my computer
2)  double click control panel
3)  double click modems
4)  in the modem properties window, with your modem's com      port highlighted, click no properties
5)  click the connection tab
6)  click the advanced button
7)  make sure there is a check in "use flow control"
8)  if this is a winmodem, check "software", if it's not a winmodem, check "hardware"

this could be the cause of the problem, let me know
    Mr 1cell is right.  Winmodem is most likely thing.  Other than that, tell us what kind of modem you do have and as much info as you can about it....
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schradeAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
schradeAuthor Commented:
I can go as far as #4 on the information that you sent, then I can't get any further.  I am still having problems when I want to connect to go on line, my computer will go black, then re-boot.

as you are new here, welcome!

Though you do have a good point regarding the power supply, at this point any info would only be a guess even if educated or possibly correct.  Posting your advice as an answer locks the question further delaying the questioner getting his problem solved because many experts wont even look at it.  Please post you advice as coments at which point the questioner can try it and if it works, accept your comments as the answer.


when you say you can go as far as #4, do you mean there was no connection tab?  please explain further.
dew, have a question for you in Win98 section
oops, sorry, wrong question, disregard last post
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