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A friend loaned me his copy of "Adaptec" EASY CD CREATOR 3.5b & DIRECT CD 2.5c......Which came with a Accer CDR unit. It says Accer on the CD itself.
I do not use a Accer CDR - I have another brand.
I tried to load it on my machine and it locked my computer (windows) up everytime I tried. I had a terrible time finally restoring windows!!!
Can someone tell me  - Is maybe this particular "accer" version of Adaptecs Easy CD Creator written ONLY FOR ACCER drives or should it work for anyone ()other hardware)???
I would like to know before I attempt another installation.

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Many proprietary softwares given with a particular computer,
has been doctored to work on the OEM's computer only to
keep down piracy.  IBM does this all the time, with their bundled
recovery and diagnostics programs and call center software.

Adaptec has now released Easy CD Creator 4.0 with DIRECT CD
included, and I can assure you that it will run on the vast
majority of computers without a problem as I have just purchased 15 copies of this from Adaptec and have set this
up on customer's computers.

You are always taking a chance when you try to use OEM specific
software on a different computer, unless you have the knowledge and the time to alter it for your particular setup,
and even then it is often cheaper and less nerve wracking
just to buy you a copy that will work on your computer.
chinmanAuthor Commented:
The computers are almost identical... The only thing different is that the other guy has a "accer" CDR while I have a different brand.
Download the update to EASY CD Creator and install it over
the version that you have now installed, that may make it work.

The update can be found at: 

search for CD-R sotware and download update version 3.5C.

also download the update for Direct CD.

While you are on the adaptec web site check out their compatabilty listing for your CD-R, and the recommended
firmware upgrades.
I hope that you know that "direct-CD" is an optional component and is not required by Easy-CD Creator Deluxe.
If the version your friend is not the "Deluxe" then it is oem specific to his cd-rw.
Direct-cd is a piece of garbage as only other system with it can read cd's that you make using it.
Actually Yes.
  CDR's are all proprietary in there command codes, and the CDR software has to know the exact codes for each and every brand of CDR.  Adaptec has to test each and every CDR to ensure that it works.  If your CDR software is purposely disabled to only work with the one brand, you won't succeed. The only way to know positively is to go to your friends computer, and replace his with yours and try to boot up.  It will either work, or not, and you will know with a good working install of the software.
  Failing that (maybe he isn't THAT good of a friend) go to the adaptec website and ask for help from them as if the software was the generic software.
  Good Luck

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