Connecting to an Excelsheet

I want to read some Cells from an Excelsheet. The code below:

procedure TForm1.OpenExcel;
var     ExcelApp : OLEVariant;
        ExcelWorkbook : OLEVariant;
        ExcelSheet : OLEVariant;
        ExcelRange : OLEVariant;
    ExcelApp := CreateOLEObject ('Excel.Application');
        ExcelApp.Workbooks.Open ('C:\Temp\Temp.xls');
        ExcelWorkbook := ExcelApp.ActiveWorkbook;
        ExcelSheet := ExcelWorkbook.ActiveSheet;
        ExcelRange := ExcelSheet.Range ('A1:A1');
        ShowMessage (ExcelRange.Value);

The result is that I'am able to open this excelfile, but Range ('A1:A1') gives me the error "member not found". I use Excel2000. Where is the mistake?

Thanks a lot for help.
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try changing this...

ExcelRange := ExcelSheet.Range ('A1:A1');

to this...

ExcelRange := ExcelSheet.Range['A1:A1'];

I know this works in Delphi 4 using OLEVariants as I just finished beating a small application into submission to do this kinda crap ;)

hope this helps

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Hi bussoftware,

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bussoftwareAuthor Commented:
Yes, this helped avoiding desperation. Your proposal also works with D5. I tried the new servers in D5, but got an OLE error when opening an excelfile. I think the way described above is the better.
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