Java in R5(web interface)...performance tips?

I am aware of how to tweak the actual pages, images and what not to improve general performance for the R5 web based e-mail and discussion databases, but apart from removing the java applets, is there any known way to improve their performance speed.  

Over a basic 28.8 connection the mail creation document sometimes takes 90 second to load.  We realize most of our users will have 56k, but we want acceptable performance over 28.8

The server is a dual PIII 500 w/ 448MB RAM so it isn't a low end.

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it has to download the java "applet" every time, that is as you know the problem, i havent seen any "workarounds" other than creating databases that dont use the java applets..
You could also download the .java files into your users java directly.  That way they don't have to download it every time they run the app.

Set it up in a ftp site and have them place it in their java classes directory.

Hope this helps.

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GrungyApeAuthor Commented:
I could some clarification because I am not Java savvy.

On the server in \Lotus\Domino|Data\domino\java directory I see a bunch of .jar files, images files, and the class files.

Do the users need all of this?  And, if we make changes to the applet bars as far as icons we have them display and what not, do they need to keep downloading stuff?

Likewise on the client, in my case NT, the java folder is C:\winnt\java\classes would all of the above just get dropped in there?

It depends on where your java directory is defined.  .Jar files are java files that are compressed but otherwise they are used the same.  If you are opening this from the Notes Web viewer then the Java files need to be in the Data\domino\java directory.  In order to use them from other browsers you will need to place them in the directory that browser uses. Such as the windows\java directory.

No the user doesn't need all of those .jar files, but many of them.  You can tell what is in a .jar file by opening it with WinZip or other decompression utility.

The images and changes that may occur to the java programs will cause them to be reloaded down to the user.  

I will dig a little deeper into the specs to find out how Domino R5 handles this stuff a little bit more and give you a better answer if I can.
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