Ghost Printer!

I have a Lexmark 5000 inkjet printer, that seems to be printing but the page comes out  blank. I have changed the old cartridges to new ones, cleaned the print nozzels, uninstalled and reinstalled the printer.  I also installed a new driver,and still blank pages. I don't get any error messages, the  printer seems to be working fine, it just gives me blank pages!  The printer is connected to a Compaq Presario 4555 if that helps. Thanks in advance, Robert
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Have you checked to make sure that you have removed all of the tape off of the end of the cartridges?

secondly try a self test print, turn the unit off and then hold down either the form feed button or the ink cartridge button then power the unit back on while you are holding the other button this should provide a self test print.... If this does not consult your manual that came with the printer on how to do a self test print on the printer. If the self test print is blank the tape has been removed and you have tried two cartridges with the same result then you may want to take back the most recent ones you got from the store and get the cartridges from someplace else it may be possible you found a bad batch of cartridges I have had this happen to me before and tried 3 cartridges from the same store got them from another store and they worked fine. If none of this works then most likely the printer pump is damaged or clogged or the airhose (it looks like fishtank hose for aquariums is clogged)
over on the side that the cartridge dock on should be where this hose is located you could try replacing it yourself but realize that it may not fix it and you will void any warranty by doing this. This also is not a guranteed fix the hose may be molded right into the pump housing assembly.

Best of luck

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RTRAuthor Commented:
Thanks braincassin. I will try what you have recomended. Between you and me, I believe its time for a new printer.
Again thanks for your help......Robert
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