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Adding users

how do i add users
1 Solution
You must be logged in as root of course...then just run 'linuxconf' from the command line. Select 'users accounts', 'normal', 'user accounts' and just fill in the info it asks for.

There are other ways to do it but I think this is the easiest.
The 'manual' way to add users is with the adduser command.  For example if I wanted the username for the new user to be "bob" , at a system prompt I would enter:
adduser bob

Then to set the password for the user you just created type:
passwd bob

After you set the initial password, you can change any user's password (only as root) by typing:
chpasswd bob

*Note:  if you are logging in as another user and then using the su command to switch to root, your paths will be different and you'll have to enter it like this:
/usr/sbin/adduser bob
If you are using any of the Redhat distribs, its easy. Use linuxconf. It's in the main section of User Accounts.
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cdromdriveAuthor Commented:
did not work i have a cobalt system
Do not use linuxconf.  It's insecure, and it helps keep you from learning how to administer anything but redhat.  Is Cobalt a distribution of linux?  Or another type of unix?

The manual way to add users is thus:
use vipw to enter a new username and user info into /etc/passwd.
vi /etc/group, and assign the new user a group.
create their home directory, and copy all the initialization files over.
assign the new user a password, using the passwd command.

That should get you up and running.
Why complicate things? If you are at the console login as root if you happen to have an account yourself and need to telnet/ssh in do so and "su" up as root. Run adduser:
adduser blah
it will pick next available uid and gid ( user/group id) create their home dir set mail dirs etc and remind you to run "passwd blah" to set that users password.
If you need the user to be in another group simply add them to the appropriate group after running adduser.
adduser is not available on all unix systems.  Learning to add users manually is the best course of action.  Also, it makes sure you understand which files are modified when users are added.  Adduser really shouldn't be used until after you've learned to do it manually.

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