Outlook98 fails to send

Using Outlook98 on NT 4 with Internet Only Email, IMAP.  The user receives email fine.  All IMAP server settings are correct.    "Immediate Send" box _is_ checked.  Outlook tries to send, but the outgoing mail languishes in the outbox.  There is no error message.  Reinstallation doesn't seem to help.  I've seen this enough times in enough situations that I suspect it is a longstanding Outlook bug.  How do I get Outlook to start sending again?
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lrollinsIT ManagerCommented:
I've had this happen before too.  Try this.  Find your mailbox.pst file and copy it into a temp file somewhere.  Then delete the file from it's original place.  Delete your profile and create a new one.  After you do this, then import the old mailbox.pst in the temp file into your new profile but don't import the outbox items.  Best way is to import each one at a time.  Hope this helps.  I was told this hangup happens because the outgoing mail was opened while it was trying to be sent.

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notmailmanAuthor Commented:
I was a little unclear from your explanation at first.  I actually reinstalled and then just opened the outlook.pst file in the new installation.  But when I finally figured out that you really did mean to IMPORT the file as you said -- well I've got one grateful user.  Thanks.
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