Microsoft Outlook 98

we have outlook 98 on our computer at home and our computer at work. What we would like to do is backup the contacts we have on the computer at work and install them on the computer we have at home.

we have tried a couple ot times and have not had any success, do we have to back up the entire outlook program ???

how do we go about doing this properly ??

we are new at this, so please explain clearly and thoroughly.

thank you , joan
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VinceAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To export your contacts:
- While in Outlook go to the File menu > Import & Export command
- Choose Export to a File. Click Next
- Choose Personal Folder File (PST). Click Next
- Select the Contacts folder. Click Next
- Give the file a name and click Finish to complete the export. If you get a dialog about the properties of the PST you're exporting to click the OK button to continue

To import the contacts:
- While in Outlook, go to to the File menu > Import & Export command
- Choose Import from another program or file. Click Next
- Choose Personal Folder File (PST). Click Next
- Choose a PST file (the one you exported to previously) and what to do with the duplicates (if any). Click Next
- Choose the folder from the PST you want to import from (typically Contacts in this case) and where you want the data to go (typically the same folder in your current PST file). Click Finish

joanbAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
You could export your contacts at work to a PST file using the File menu > Import & Export command. Copy that PST file to floppy disk and bring it home. Use the Import & Export commmand at home to import the contacts to your Contacts folder.
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Have you tried exporting your contacts?
joanbAuthor Commented:
we are not entirely sure how to go about
using the import & command feature, Could you explain a little bit more on how to go about doing this properly

thank you joan
joanbAuthor Commented:
Thanks VinceA,

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