altering the http referal string

i wnt to test out a few methods i've thought of to try and keep people from sending a fake referer string to post from outside of my sites domain. however im unsure how I can test this, does anybody know a way to alter the referal string in php so i can test them?
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I have a function that can do this, however, I don't really want to post it in a public forum. It's not like the function itself is hard to do or anything, however I don't want to make it uber-easy for anybody who wants to do a search and pull up the function from my post here, then use it to attempt some malicious actions.

Paranoia? Yeah, probably. Oh well. =)

Drop me your email address and I'll send it to ya.
tsmittAuthor Commented:
hey that was an even quicker response then the one i got earlier i think. this place is cool., i'll "accept comment as answer" if it works.
Ah to hell with it. I found this function in a public forum, so it is out there for anybody who's intent on not writing it themselves anyway. Here is the code:

 1: function sendPost($host, $path, $data_to_send, $referer="", $useragent="") {
 3:    $fp = fsockopen($host,80);
 5:    $sendPost = "POST $path HTTP/1.1\n".
 6:                "Host: $host\n".
 7:                "Content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\n".
 8:                "Content-length: ".strlen($data_to_send)."\n";
10:     if ($referer)
11:         $sendPost .= "Referer: $referer\n";
13:     if ($useragent)
14:         $sendPost .= "User-Agent: $useragent\n";
16:     $sendPost .= "Connection: close\n\n".
17:                  "$data_to_send".
19:     fputs($fp, $sendPost);
21:     while (!feof($fp)) {
22:             echo fgets($fp, 128);
23:     }
24:     fclose($fp);
25: }
27: $host      = '';
28: $path      = '/cgi-bin/post.cgi';
29: $referer   = '';
30: $useragent = 'Marmoset Explorer 2000';
31: $data      = 'var=value&more=less&this=that';
33: sendPost ($host, $path, $data, $referer, $useragent);

Modify the values as you so wish. $host and $path is where you want to post the data to. $data is the var/values in normal query string fashion.

This should work for ya.

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Damned thing wrapped a few lines of code, but the line umbers should help sort that out.
tsmittAuthor Commented:
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