win98,NT and Linux

I wanted to install a multi OS system.
with win98, NT and Linux.

And I got a huge harddisk which I want
to partition. (13GB).

1. Can anyone tell me how I should
partition such that one of my partition
can be access in both win* and Linux.
The reason is that I want to use this
as /home partition in Linux and in win
a partition to store personal files.

2. how can I install NT when my win98 is
FAT32 and not FAT16 by default.
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barreroConnect With a Mentor Commented:
.. first of all, the order I always installed: MS products first and then linux.

.... Then, As far as I know, with NT4, you can't install over a FAT32 partition, nor the boot partition can be fat32. Only fat16 is supported. After NT is installed, you can add a kind of plug-in (it's in fact another application) which can allow you to access FAT32 partitions from NT, but this, after NT is instlled over or with FAT16.

.... At home I have a 10G HD, with WNT, W95, and linux. My first partition has around 500M and is fat16, there I just have the boot installed. Then I have a second partition where W95 is installed (it's more or less 3G, and formatted FAT32), another formatted NTFS for NT (also aroud 3G), and the rest is reserved for linux use (where I have the swap partition and another for /. The size of this partition is simply the rest of the HD.

  For access between OSs, as openguin said, linux can read ntfs and fat partitions... smbd and nmbd are for sharing unix (in this case linux) areas to windows networks (if you're interested on this last... you can go and look on:

  hope this can help...


I've multi-booted across 95, NT, and RH
on one physical drive (ducking beer bottles) with each on an individual partition.  I recommend only creating partitions necessary to install NT and 98.  Lastly, install your flavor of Linux and the remaining physical space to include /, /usr, /home, and your swap.  If starting from scratch, it is easier, on a live file system, defrag and then run fips to non-destructively repartition your drive.  Inevitably you will migrate to a pure linux box as many of us have.

As for partition access, Linux supports ntfs (ro), fat, ncpfs, etc.  Easier to view a windows partition, but configuring Samba (smb) is realtively skate to make your Linux shares available.  Don't forget smbd and nmbd ;)  /usr/doc/~ and man "blah"

Jaa Mata,

slokAuthor Commented:
can u be more detailed as I am new to this.
slokAuthor Commented:

does this mean u are doing the steps
as follows :

assume clean disk (hdd):
1. boot in using setup diskette
2. fdisk
- 1 primary partition
- other extended and within partition
logical "drive"

now, my question is :
"My first partition has around 500M and is fat16, there I just have the boot installed."

when u say u only have the boot
installed on the first partition,
what are u installing there.

I know how to  install the entire win95
or win98 onto a partition but don't get
what u mean over the sentence above.
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