clickable tab?

i would like to know if anybody can teach me how to put a clickable tech support tab just below the my computer icon> properties>system properties under the general tab view. the tab must be below at the >Computer column: after it if anyone can click it it will see my name in another small window..i hope my querry is clear? you can email me for further explanation?
cause i'm not good in describing my querry?  thanks for anyones help?
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MindBladeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is very simple really. Create an HTML document that has all the information you want about you in a nicely formatted page, you can use Microsoft Word and Save as HTML to do this. Then just create a shortcut to the html page right on your desktop. When the user click the shortcut it will start his/her web browser and show them the page you made.
If you want you can have your picture in the HTML file as well.
I suggest you store the item in the windows directory.
To create the shortcut point your mouse at an empty area of the desktop, click the right mouse button, click new, click shortcut and then browse to the HTML item you made. (it can be a word document or a text file or anything actually) Then rename the shortcut to "Tech Support", by pointing to it and right clicking it.
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hypeAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Look for the "Change OEM Info" tip on that page. See if that's what you mean
hypeAuthor Commented:
a million thanks for your help & effort
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