Linux Application

just a general question on Linux application in relation to deskstop manager such as KDE.

When so and so releases a new program which 'supports' Linux - how do we know if it can be run from something like KDE? Or from the linux command line? A good example of KDE support is GIMP - the graphics package for Linux.

I am still thinking very much in the mold of a microsoft windows user but i am trying hard to get away from NT.
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1.) Any non graphical program can be run with any windows manager (kde, ...)
2.) Almost any graphical program use the X11 standard and your windows manger will be able to display any X11 compatible programm since a Windows manager like kde uses a x-Server in background.
3.) There are some other graphic libraries like opengl, ... For this programs (if your windows manager doesn't support it) you need an emulator.

In Linux the X11 standard is quite common used and you should not have any problems running such programms.

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erikleeAuthor Commented:
more comment from u please, thanks:

if someone hands you a .gz or .tar file which has a Linux application - is there anyway to tell if it offers an UI via X11?

can you give an example of [1] in your answer.
No out of a tar or gz file you can't see if it is a X11 application.

example for 1) Almost every linux command ls, tar, gzip, ... is such an application.
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