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printing more than one file at a time


we are receiving some 400 drawing files with extension dwf.

we are printing each and every file.it is taking lot of time.

intead of that it is possile to give print some amount of files at a time.

any utility is there

since the matter is urgent send your answer as early as possible.


1 Solution
What program are your printing from ?
what version of windows are your running ?
what brand printer are your running ?

I am assuming you are looking for a program that you can select what files you want to print out and what ones you do not ?  I am not 100% understanding what it  is exactly that you are trying to do
1. Put the Printers folder on your Desktop, or a shortcut. (Open My Computer, drag with the Right Button onto the Desktop, sellect Make Shortcut Here from the menu.) Open the Printers folder in it's own window.

2. Go to the place where you get all of these pics in My Computer.

3. Select Details view.

4. Press and hold CTRL as you select all of the ones you want. (If you're using 98 in Web Mode, hover the mouse for a second. If Win95 or Classic, click.) CTRL will keep them all selected. Click and drag w/ctrl while not on an icn or name to define a rectangle to highlight everything in it. Once you have everything selected, Click and Drag on one selected icon and the rest will follow. Drag the Icons so the mouse is over the printer you want to print with (if it's across the network, you need to have opened Network Neighborhood before selecting the stuff) and release the mouse.

5. The print queue should have ALL of those files in it, and the files are deselected.

6. Re-select all the files and drag them to wherever printed pictures go.

(HINT: If you want more selected than deselected, go to EDIT, SELECT ALL. Then, CTRL+clicks will turn off [ctrl-clicks are toggle, not just on]the ones you don't want. No fancy software, and you get wat you want!

SJECCPAuthor Commented:
Dear Briancassin

Yes you are right i want to select files and give print without opening each file and printing which will take more time for me

i am using explorer5 for opening dwf drawing files.

i am using win98

hp laserjet 5000n


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You need no utility. My answer will do that.
Fixed the -1 problem on this question.
Escrow points corrected.

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SJECCPAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestion.

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