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I have just purchaced a new computer, it came with win98 se.  I did not use this version because I did not want to reload my system.  Instead I mirrored my old drive to my new drive with the old win 98.  Is there any way to upgrade to win98 se with the full version instead of the upgrade version?
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UnBobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is only one version of Windows 98 SE, and that is the "upgrade" version. It does not depend on win98 but you might have to insert install media for win98 during the install process. To verify that you have the product.
go to WINDOWS UPDATE , Microsoft will sell you direct a cd-rom for $20 that is for use by people already running Win98. much confusion on SE. the Upgrade is for people NOT CURRENTLY using win 98. it is just a new version of the original win 98 upgrade from win 95 to win 98. access windows update with your "net" connection and order online. it  cannot be purchased retail
Please reject the proposed answer and ignore those comments since they are very wrong!!!
Win98SE comes in several versions:
1. OEM Win98SE for new computers
2. Retail full version Win98SE
3. Retail Upgrade version Win98SE
4. and the $20 upgrade version from Microsoft (which will only work on retail full or upgrade versions of Win98, not OEM Win98)

If you want to use the OEMWin98SE to upgrade your Win98 it can be done but is not recommended, it is better to get a retail upgrade version ($90 not the $20 one)
To install an OEN version it looks for an OS and if it finds one it will not install, rename or delete the file "" and it should install over top of your current Windows, but you may still have to reinstall your applications. With the retail upgrade version you will not have to reinstall your appications
the $20 upgrade direct from MS takes about 10 minutes to install. it does not cause any application re-loading. very simple, used it on 2PC's
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