How to include Mail Attachments??

In my Web designing (email prog), i want
to include the basic facilities. In that, i  dont
know how to attach files with the messages..
I wan a Html code for attaching the file contents
with the mail..
 how can i get the file contents of the remote user's
hard disk?? if possible, give me the java code.
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it will be very hard to do that using javascript..

the problem is that i don't know what You are You have a IIS server(Internet Information Server)? cause this can't accept files..

normally You would use the following though...

<form name="yourformsname" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

to get the user to browse for a file use :

<input type="file" name="whatever">

then use all the input fields, and that should normally do the trick, however like i said...not with IIS...

good luck.

Max Davidse
First you hit the attacment button and then you hit browse button them select what you want them send it>

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dill51, the question....then when You DO know the answer, You might answer, the normal way of working however is that You give a comment, meaning it's a suggestion to the possible solution, only if You're sure as to whether or not You know the answer, give an answer. Otherwise please stick to comments...

This is NOT the answer!

Max Davidse
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