kppp or wzppp connecting to internet server - Linux 6.5

I just moved to Macmillan Linux-Mandrake 6.0, (The Complete Linux OS 6.5) from RH Linux 5.2.

I can't connect to my internet server properly using kppp or ezppp.  It looks as though I get connected, and the timer starts counting, but I can't ping either of PgWeb's sites.
When I try loading Netscape, the error message tells me it can't find the site.

HELP!  I used ezppp in RHLinux 5.2 successfully for a year.
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There is another question on this site with someone having the same problem.  I am also having that problem with the same OS.  You might look for the other question - it hasn't been answered yet - and keep up with it.  Hopefully an answer will come up soon.

I'm not sure if the problem is in the OS configuration or if it has something to do with an ISP compatibility problem.  Any chance you're using Earthlink?

BTW, I believe this Linux is based on RedHat 6.0, not 5.2.
You should check the network control panel and be sure of the following:

your host name is set correctly
name server should be your ip
your default gateway is ppp0 (or ppp1, etc)
your ppp is being activated (if you activate it here, it will dial for you.)

also, set it to debug the connection.  then, after you try to connect, open /var/log/messages and trace the connection log at the end of the file.  you may find the solution to your problem here, especially if you are getting kicked off after connect.  

if you are getting and staying connected, it is most likely to be the default gateway device is set to eth0 rather than ppp0.

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My problem is identical (I'm watching this question and the other on here to avoid "wasting" points), so I tried your suggestion and the system gave me an error saying "ppp0" is not a valid route.  Name server is my IP?  You mean the IP addresses of the name servers given by the ISP, right?

I've set up Internet connections under Slakware about 10 times and never had this much trouble... :)
I was able to dial into my provider with the distribution in question.  I use kppp.  The first step with this is to ensure that ppp is either compiled into the kernel or loaded as a module.  I filled in the info needed into the boxes like this
on the dial tab I entered in the connection name and the # to dial to then I checked on the IP tab to make sure that the button for Dynamic IP is selected.  On the DNS page, I put in the Domain name for my account.  For example mine is I left off the www and it works fine for me.  Then I enter my IP addresses.  You can get these from your service provider.  In the gateway tab, I left mine on default gateway.  As for building a login script, I didn't I left that section blank.  after all the above was entered in, I ensured that the modem was set up correctly.  
Backing up a few steps, when you enter the name for your dial up connection there is a box there that will allow you to setup what authenication that you want.  Most of todays ISP use PAP.  Check to make sure that PAP is selected.  Then after getting back to the first screen type in your user name or ID and your password and click connect.
This might help you.  Let me know if it does.
Open kppp. Select Setup.
Be sure you have two correct DNS number sets(you can get them from your
provider).  Use CHAP, not PAP. On your device selector, use ttys1, not cua1,
and not ttyi1 unless you use ISDN. Select the 'MODEM' tab. query the modem. You should get 7 ATI values.
After editing your account info and placing your password and ID in the appropriate places select connect.  After connecting you will get a message from the browser saying "DNS server not found or your not connected".  Select OK and make it go away.  Then wait.  The browser will suddenly perk up and
find your site.  
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