Which dll's do i need to run exe file created by Visual C++ 6.0
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MFCxxD.DLL (core), MFCOxxD.DLL (OLE), MFCDxxD.DLL (database), MFCNxxD.DLL (network), MFCSxxD.LIB (static)


Hope this helps
You don't need any of the MFC* DLLs if you are not using MFC.  

All the DLLs mentioned that end in "D" are used only for debug versions.  A non-debug version (release) version would use the DLLs without the 'D" at the end.

Also you need the run-time library DLL msvcp60.

Finally, why not just use the "depends" program to find out what DLLs an EXE/DLL depends on.
You can also use the 'default libraries' and then make the linker report 'progress', after linking, search for .lib names that have been linked (the ones which have symbols found).
That is not sufficient, because you may be using DLLs that use DLLs, that you don't use directly.  Depends.exe does a recursive search to find these DLLs, but the linker would not report them.
You're right nietod, I was only thinking about the dll's needed to the linking, opposed to the ones needed to _Execute_ the program.
I made a wrong guess, that igor_j was having problems in linking.
So the depends will also point out which COM (ActiveX, OCX, ...) objects are needed?
igor_j: you should know that if you have those kind components you'll have to register them too, with Regsvr32.exe before running. Copying files wont suffice.
An example of one such component is the FlexGrid.
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