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Today I am setting up a software router using an old 486 DX/2 66 with no Harddisk, but just starting from 1,44 disk. That should be nu problem...
The reason I'm going to do it this way is because at this moment my own workstation is a router for all my roommates, but sometimes I have to restart, so everyone drops out of the network. My workstation is also my test-webserver running IIS. Is it possible to access that server from the internet using by simply using port 80. For example:
My internet addres:
My Webserver:

       Internet                Lan
<--> <->
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jformanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes. It's possible. But you need ipchains.
You can get it at
This is the firewalling code and ipport forwarding code. I use it for my firewall linux machine.

The proper command line if your internal machine is would be:
/sbin/ipchains -A forward -s 0/0 80 -d

Hope that works.
rdnoAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
rdnoAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
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Sure. You can do that. I could come to work.
Do You have enough memory within that 486-box?
Won't You try with a old, probably "smaller" harddisk withi that box (modifiying Your modules and the whole boot configuration is much easier using a harddisk. You can switch to a bootdisk, when the system is fully operational and stable.

So what You're going to ask for?
How to create a bootdisk?
How to set up routing?
Did You stuck while trying to chose the "right" packages?
Did You stuck while trying configure a kernel to Your needs?

Please specify!
rdnoAuthor Commented:
Well what I want to know is how to put up the mappings so the requests shown in <a href="" target="_new">the image I drawn</a> will work...
The boot flop is ready and al other stuff is done... I only don't know how to make the port-mappings
i haven't used it myself but i think ipchains is what you're looking for... 192.168.x.x addresses are not allowed to be routed to the 'net so you need some kind of name translation mechanism
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