Faster VB access

Does anyone know how to make a VB project run quicker. All controls that become visible on a touch of a button take a long while to become visible. Please help me.
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tirupur_selvaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are some tips for faster vb access.
1. You should optimize your code.
   - Use With End With block whereever possible.
   - Use better logics. For Example: if you are loading many pictures frequently, instead of using the 'loadpicture' you can assign the picture to an imagebox and assign the imagebox's picture in run time. This consumes less memory.
2. Use Lighter Controls. (For Example, Labels can be used at some places instead of textboxes.)
3. Smaller the Exe size faster will be the program execution.
4. You can put the common routines in a separate Dll.
5. The system should be sufficient in resources.

Hope this would be useful.
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