Store Procedures with MSSQL and Delphi 3

I have a client with an application developed with Delphi 3 C/S and MSSQL 6.5 in a server Windows NT 4.

The application access MSSQL with a native SQL link, and it has a TStore Procedure and TDatabase components. When the store procedure is executed from Delphi this message error appears:

No user transaction in currently progress.
The rollback transaction request has no corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION.

And it looks like that it's when the information is a lot, because it fails when the number of registers is about 10000. But when the srore procedure is executed from MSSQL directly it        works OK.

I have the script store procedure and the BDE administrator screen to show you the alias and driver configuration and the store procedure.

The exact problem is when the delphi application execute the store procedure, because after a while the error is generated.

The client isolate this part of the application in other application, so that this application has:
                         TDatabase Component
                         TStoreProcedure Component

The store procedure moves some records to another tables, so when the information is a lot
                         the problem starts.

                         The BDE version is 5.1.

And the problem is that the store procedure only fails when it's execute from Delphi, becasue the store procedure works OK when it's execute in MSSQL.
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Phoenix_sConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what's the maxquerytime property of the database in the BDE  I believe it defaults to 60 seconds...  try setting it to 300 seconds because it will probably exception out if it takes longer than that value to hear back from the query component

if the stored proc takes longer than the maxquerytime I believe it will hurl... and the rollback error may happen..  I do a lot of SQL coding, but all of the transactioning I do is client specific so I am not sure on the rollback error thing

I play in a 1.3GB SQL Server 6.5 database and just switched from D3 to D4 for client development
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