proxy server for linux

I am a novice to linux.I am using RedHat Linux 6.1 in my system.My machine is the Internet Gateway for my lan.  Is there any proxy server is available for RedHat Linux6.1 system ?
How to setup it ?How many users it can  support ?
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There are many solutions for this "problem". Yesterday, I answered another question loike this one..

To have a proxy server, you can do one of the following:
- Use TIS firewall tolkit (, which allows you to proxy some ports.
- Use Squid, another proxy application (
- Use kernel embeded linux propoerties to use transparent masquerade (what is another kind of proxy).  More information about this option you can find on the linux HOWTO's: IP-Masquerade, IP-Firewall and Proxy and IPChains.

  Good luck..


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shanrajAuthor Commented:
Thank You for ur answer. I have one more doubt about ur answer.Is it the squid proxy supports the SOCKS protocol.Because my clients want to chat over the nett.So my proxy server should have the SOCKS protocol support, am I correct ?
to chat, do you mean IRC or web based chat?
If it's the first, it will be solved if you install IPChains. For the second squid will be enough.

shanrajAuthor Commented:
Here i mention the word chat for IRC chatting. Ur answer is good.But what is IPchains and where can i get IP chains ?
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