TIME$ in seconds-after-"01/01/1970" format

is there a standard function to convert time$ into the 'seconds-after-1970'-format? this would be a lot easier and quicker for my database application which has to search on date/time very, very often

i know in unix this format is standard, but i haven;t seen it in vb yet.

It isn;t hard to program, but it seems kinda slow .. besides, i don;t know all the exceptions (which year had one day to many etc)
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Internally date/time is a double. Date is integer part, time is decimal. This makes date comparisions about as fast as you're going to get them.

DateDiff("s", DateSerial(1970, 1, 1), Now)

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(Now - 25569#) * 86400
Right, but since time is already a *number* internally scaling up or down won't make the comparision operations any faster.

A Date is only a date when *displayed*. The internal comparisions are already in numeric. heit's idea for speeding things up will actually be SLOWER as the database is already doing what he wants internally.

If date/time were internally stored as character string he'd have a point. But since is *already* a number scaling won't run any faster and time lost in performing scale is wasted...

heitAuthor Commented:
deighton, thanx!

mark2150> ok, i didn't tell te whole story .... i have to make a lot of queries which load all data not older than 30 minutes .. i think doing it in integers is easier, also because now it is a lot easier for me to know which is 30-minutes-ago exactly. I see your point however ... thanx anyway!
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