Directory Updates For Windows NT

I need to update From one network drive to another a number of selected directories, sometimes recusively.  Also i need to support long file names and support file / directory names with spaces in them.
This needs to have the ability to be run automatically.
I've tried Batch files using Xcopy but ran into problems with directory and file names.
I would ideally like an NT program that i can select specific directories and set to run automatically.  The program should have about 50 enteries for the 50 directories and sub-directories that i need to copy.  It also needs ideally only to copy the newer files.
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CalvinThomasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you use NT server, there is Directory Replicator.  You select the directories, and where you want to send them and the time, and NT server will (as a service) make an exact duplicate of any (or several I think) directory anywhere on the network.  I don't know however if NT workstation has this.

Try this for starters.  It will explain a lot about this service.

Have you tried to use the Briefcase feature of windows NT?  It will work on networks and not just floppies.
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