Does Delphi's component support Unicode?

Does Delphi's component support Unicode?
Fox  example,Can i input any Language words in a RichEdit? if not,Do you know how i can develop program about Multi-language code in Delphi?
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LischkeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi miaozhanlu,

unfortunately, Delphi's support for Unicode is very limited. At least the base types (WideString, WideChar etc.) are there, though, so you can roll your own stuff. The VCL as such is not Unicode aware at all, as it has to run ono Win9x machines too, where almost no Uncode support is available. But I think with all new versions of Windows (and NT from version 3.1) Unicode support will be built-in.

RichEdit is a total different theme. This control has been written to support input and output of Unicode on all systems. Download my UnicodeViewer for Win9x and WinNT from There's an enhanced Richedit control (used as one line control) to hold Unicode characters which can then be copied to other Unicode aware applications like Word.

Recently Microsoft has release global IMEs for all Windows versions which can be used by specific programs to input asian or middle east language text. See (Windows Update) for the downloads.

Ciao, Mike
miaozhanluAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mike
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