SET PATH problem

Hi for everyone,

I run a simple script in a BAT file.
On a command


I get an error 'Out of environment space'. Does anybody know what tuning I need to do to fix the problem?

Thanx for any help/advice.
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you need to use the shell command in your config.sys file if you wish to increase the environment space.  the default is 256 characters in the environment space, and every character you see when you use the set command from the prompt is a character in the environment.  to increase the environment space to 1024 characters, place the following line near the bottom of the config.sys file:

shell = c:\ /p /e:1024

if the line is already present, change to /e:2048.

warning!  before using, make sure that the file is in the c: root directory.  if it is not, modify the shell to show where the location is.

shell = c:\windows\ /p  /e:1024
shell = c:\windows\command\ /p /e:1024

good luck!
That is all DOS stuff. I think it still works, but you can do it all from windows.

Right-click on the MSDOS shortcut and select Properties. Select the Memory tab and then increase the Initial Environment combo box to a higher value.

You can also change some of the other settings from Auto to a specified value. I don't think that you need to do this to resolve your problem though.

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This is Dos memory problem. Just have to set your configuration in Config.sys then sure can sove your problem.
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bekaye gave this as his comment earlier and instructed EXCATLY how to fix it in the config.sys file. I gave a solution for fixing it directly from the Windows GUI.

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tulinAuthor Commented:
Thank you experts,
next few days I will notify you about status of the problem...
tulinAuthor Commented:
Thank  you.
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