XWindows/video setup problem-RH 6.0

I have an IBM PC with a Diamond Stealth 3 video card (32 Mb RAM;S3 video chip). The only way I can get a valid XWindows configuration file is to pick the SVGA driver. If I use the S3 driver, Xconfigurator says that it can't find my video RAM. However, when I use the SVGA driver, XWindows ignores my resolution choices and displays Gnome with far too low a resolution. The desktop space on a 15" monitor is miniscule. This problem is keeping me from working on a book I'm supposed to write and the editor is getting very upset with me :-( Can anyone out there tell me how to fix this video problem and get the resolution high enough to see an entire desktop or how to get the S3 driver to work?
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raks04Connect With a Mentor Commented:
hey until u try  all the above options try this to continue working on your comp
edit the X86Setup file
locate it wherever it may be

look for an area where it describes your video card and
a line like this
#videoram 4096
# is a comment remove the #
and specify the right video ram ( u may have to run xconf first)

then add as exactly shown
Option "nobit_blt"
Option "no_accel"
Option "hwcursor"

save the file and type startx
your prob is now history

try to get redhat 6.1 it has better hardware compatibility
BLGryphAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
When you installed the xserver and choose resolutions, are you able to switch resolutions?  Try and use this key stroke combination to see if it will change for you. Alt+Ctrl+the + key on the numberpad.  See if this will let you switch resolutions.  Let us know if this works first then we can go from there.
You might try looking at the card to get the exact S3 chip version and ramdac, then take a look at http://nuclina.hoseo.ac.kr/XFree86/
to see if any of the information on S3 chips is helpful. The main xfree86 site at www.xfree86.org is another good place to start. Unfortunately, configuring X is still the biggest pain involved in setting up linux
if I'm not mistaken, RH 6 doesn't have support for the Savage. ( Well, it's not really RH, but the version of your X-server, in your case it's 3.3.3)
You need the latest X server, 3.3.5. You can either upgrade to RH6.1, or you can get hold of the 3.3.5 rpm file and thereby just replace your X-window server, keeping the rest of your system in tact. You should find this rpm at www.XFREE86.org or on a local ISP's FTP site. I strongly advise you to look for the rpm, for trying to download and then manually installing all the files on your system one by one is a nightmare. Another 'easy'  place to find the RPM file, is on a RH6.1 CD...:)
Good luck.
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