Mouse Class driver on Windows NT 4

The Mouse pointer has disappeared after some days of Windows NT4.0 installation. In the control panel->devices and the event viewer it shows that MouseClass driver has failed to start. Also if I try to start the mouse class driver from the control panel->devices it says error 0002 : cannot find the specified file.
Where do I find this file and how do I install it without re installing NT.?
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CalvinThomasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On my NT server, I find mouse.drv in WinNT/system32, and Mouse.drv in WinNT/system.  Do a find on mouse*.*, and see if you find either of them. If one or both are missing, you can attempt to extract them from NT4 install CD.  Go to MS website and do a search on the above file names and NT.  MS keeps a list of all the files in each CD.

 Try this...

and reboot.  If that doesn't work, move the mouse.drv to the c:\winnt\system folder.  Let me know if this works.  I could e-mail you my copies of these two files.  Let me know.
  Good Luck

Try reinstall the mouse driver with a recent driver from the manufacturer's page. If it is too awkward to do it without being able to use the mouse, try install standard microsoft mouse first, see if it works, then download a proper NT driver for the mouse.
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