Win95 + TweakUI autologin + Netware Client

I have several hundred Win95 workstations which have been configured using TweakUI to log in as a specific "anonymous" user using the Novell Netware Client32 v2.2 or v2.5 and have been working fine in that regard for several years.

Upgrading these to the Netware Client32 v3.1 SP2, the autologin aspect stops.

I've seen autologin from TweakUI have no effect using Win98 and the Windows Networking client, where I assumed that some aspect of Win95 that TweakUI was taking advantage of was no longer present or operating the same under Win98.  But in this case, it's still Win95.
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jcneallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Will this TID do it?  908310  We use this to force a new machine to log itself in and automatically run ZEN updates but I would think it would work for your application.
Sorry the TID is 2908310.
jlw011597Author Commented:
Not sure yet.  We've already had this TID cited to us but the person
I'm fronting for here (using my personal Experts' Exchange credits
to support him) has yet to try it out.  We'll see...
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