Burn cds via ide-rd/rw at linux

Hello !

Is there any possibility to use an ide-cd/rw with linux ?!
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biardConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Absolutely.  Anything is possible.  Check this site out.  You can download the neccessary software with manuals, etc.  Get version 0.96e at the bottom of the page.  There are even rpms for redhat.  You can also get precompiled binaries for other platforms.  If you prefer (I do), you can compile it yourself.


Have fun!

Check the CD-Writing-Howto found in any major linux distribution documentation. You have to compile a kernel with scsi-emulation for atapi devices and disable native atapi cdrom drivers in the kernel. Also you have to use mkisofs and cdrecord packages to be able to use the drive to record. Currently linux support reading UDF formated CDs but does not support writing yet !
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