Keeping track of the links that user visited

How can I create
                      links to the sites that the user has visted from ny site?

                      Do I have to use cookies of some kind to keep track of users on my

                      Is this possible by using perl reg. exp.?

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jhurstConnect With a Mentor Commented:
for 1 point!

You cant't tell where someone went after your site.

Use the logs or one of the many counters/loggers to determine who has been to your site.

A regular expression is a way of matching parts of a string.  So the third part of the question makes no sense.
sdesarAuthor Commented:
I mean the links the user visted with my site.
Not to another site.
sdesarAuthor Commented:

Heres the comments again

I mean the links the user visted within my site.
Not to another site.
within your site is not a problem, just look at the server logs, or if not available from your isp, put a link to one of the many web counters on your pages.
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