How to handle FileTime format

I want to use the API function GetProcessTimes. I send all running processes to that funktion and want to know the CPUusage.
The problem is that getprocesstimes uses the Filetime Format. I dont know how to handle it. I need a formula that changes the value to percentages.

I use following to get the values:

 CreationTime, ExitTime, KernelTime, UserTime: FileTime;
i: integer;

for i:=1 to numberofprocesses do begin
GetProcessTimes(PH, CreationTime, ExitTime, KernelTime, UserTime);

.... //Here a need the formula

I know the number of processes, but I don't know how to handle the values.
Could you help me about the formula to convert the values to get percentages?
My system has two CPUs. I like to view the usage for both CPUs seperatly.
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kretzschmarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi again redforce,

here the conversions,
i guess, if you convert the filetime to Datetime, you can use your calculation without any changes

sample function

Function FileTimeToDateTime(FD : TFileTime) : TDatetime
  SD : TSystemTime;
  Result := SystemTimeToDateTime(SD);

use this in your calculation

(FileTimeToDateTime(lpkerneltime) + FileTimeToDateTime(lpusertime)) div (number of processors * FileTimeToDateTime(lpcreationtime) - FileTimeToDateTime(lpexittime))

hope this helps


redforceAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 10
hi redforce,

you can transform the filetime with the api function FiletimeToSystemtime (or similar) to Systemtimeformat, then delphi has a function, if needed, SystemtimeToDateTime to transform Systemtime to Datetimeformat. let me know if you need a sample

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redforceAuthor Commented:
An example wouldn't be bad. I've changed format to double with these functions. but I dont know how to use these values to get to the used Systemtime.

I've got the following formula. (I don't know if it works)

(lpkerneltime + lpusertime) div (number of processors * lpcreationtime - lpexittime)

All values are from getprocesstimes()

redforce, are you here?
redforceAuthor Commented:
Sorry meikl, weekend ... I was away.
I tried your corversation function and it works.
You get the points.
But by the way: the values I get when running the formula couldn't be right.
something vith 4194629. A little worse isn't it? Do you think the formula is right? The funniest thing: the value changes only if I start a new process (4194629 - 1). This can't be the right formula to view the actuel CPU Usage.
Do you know the solution?
hi redforce,

well, i never looked at the api-call u use,
but i will take a closer look to it.

this can take a bit time,
because it becomes night here.

dont worry about the values,
because the datetime-typ counts at 31.12.1899.

i leave this q open,
maybe i can provide a working sample.

until then

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