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I have Linux-Mandrake(Macmullen)S.S.E. 6.0 up and running on a Dell (Pentium 166 / 1 gig HD / 64 meg RAM) computer with a Gateway VX900 monitor supported by a S3 Trio64V+ ViRGE card.
The problem: When I'm in KDE and use the mouse there is a distortion on the left edge of the screen and it is especially bad when I move the scroll bar while reading something/anything.

I've already used "Xconfigurator --expert" and selected "S3 TrioV+" as well as most of the custom monitor settings (current setting: High Freq SVGA 1024x768 @ 70Hz w/ sync= 50-90Hz).

PLEASE if you have any solutions it would be greatly appreciated.

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try adjusting your monitor to move the entire screen to the right.  sounds like the screen is running off the viewable monitor area.

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swoodrufAuthor Commented:
            Thanks for the response but, I'm sorry to say that it didn't help :(  Horiz & Vert sizing and positioning were adjusted several different times, even the psychedelic flash (degauss) button dosen't help. For sake of experimentation, I've down-sized the area so that there is a half inch unused monitor border around the screen and then went back and used Xconfigurator. Every useable configuration that I try still presents the same problem. The computer that I'm using ran Windows in the past and the problem didn't exist...

Also, opening terminal emulation(Konsole) and doing an ls on /etc creates the same problem when initrunlvl@ flashes.

Desperately in search of.

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