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Creating frames

I have created frames ... and I want the LEFT side to be static and the RIGHT side should show the results...
how to do this ?

For ex. pls. check out my site at

Awaiting a response
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1 Solution
Make the form tag like this:

<form name="your_form" ACTION="your_actionpage" method="GET" target="your_rightframe">

sdesarAuthor Commented:
I am still getting the output on the left side.

I can't figure out why this is occuring eventhough I am getting correct results in the respective files

 have included the files that this effects... hope this helps!!!!!!!

Thanks for the response!!!!!

The suggestion you made i did it on my frames .html page

                        <TITLE>Page with targeting</TITLE>
                      <FRAMESET COLS="30%,70%">
<form name="url_fetch.html" ACTION="hello.html" method="GET"
                        <FRAME SRC=url_fetch.html>
                        <FRAME SRC=fr-txt11.html NAME="results">

And here the .cgi File where I enter in the URL -


use LWP::Simple;
use HTML::Parser;
use CGI;

my $cgi = new CGI;
my $url = $cgi->param('url');

my $HTTP_ROOT = "/web/public/grad/sdesar/file.txt";
my $HTTP_ROOT1 = "/web/public/grad/sdesar/file.html";

if ( $url ne "" )
$content = fetch( $url );
if ( $content ne "" )
print $cgi->header( -type => 'text/plain' );
my $plain_text = plain_text($content);
print $plain_text;
print $content;                    
my $plain_text = plain_text( $content );

print $plain_text, "\n";

cp_to_file( $plain_text, "$HTTP_ROOT" );
print $cgi->redirect( "/file.txt" );

##########copy the HTML

print $cgi->header( -type => 'text/plain' );
my $cp_to_file_html = cp_to_file_html($content);
print $cp_to_file_html;
print $content;
my $cp_to_file_html = cp_to_file_html( $content );

print $cp_to_file_html, "\n";

cp_to_file_html( $cp_to_file_html, "$HTTP_ROOT1" );
print $cgi->redirect( "/file.html" );

output_form( "Could not load URL: $url<br>" );
   sub output_form
my $msg = shift;

# output the html header
print $cgi->header( -type => 'text/html' );

# print the message if there is one
print "$msg<br>\n";

# output the form for the user
print $cgi->start_html;
print $cgi->start_form;
print "Please enter another URL:  ";  
print $cgi->textfield( -name=>'url', -override=>' ' );
#print $cgi->textfield('url');
print $cgi->br;
print $cgi->submit( -label => 'Fetch' );
print $cgi->end_form;
print $cgi->end_html;
#### subroutines
sub fetch {
my ($url) = @_;
my $cont;

$cont = get($url);
return $cont;
   # copies text to file

sub cp_to_file {
my ($text, $to_file) = @_;

open(OUT, ">" . $to_file);
print OUT $text;

# copies file at HTML to a file

sub cp_to_file_html {
my ($text, $to_file) = @_;

open(OUT, ">" . $to_file);
print OUT $text;
return $text;
   # converts html text into plain text; (simplistic approach)

sub plain_text {
my ($in_text) = @_;
my $plain;

($plain = $in_text) =~ s/<[^>]*>//gs;

return $plain;

Ahhh, OK!

1. Remove the <form>-tag from your "frames.html" file.

2. The form-tag in your file "url_fetch.html" should be substituted with this one:

<form name="f1" ACTION="url_fetch.cgi" method="GET" target="results">

sdesarAuthor Commented:
I impelemeted your suggestion, but its still not working.  The output still appears on the Left side
when I enter the URL.

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