Hyperlink, Outlook Form Button ro Text

How add a hyperlink to a form or link it to a button using script with Outlook 98.

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DannoNZConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OK what you need to do is the following:

Tools Menu --> Options --> Mail Format --> In Message Format, 'Send Messages in This Format' choose HTML --> click OK --> create a new mail message (file - new - mail message)

In your message, put in whatever message you want in there, then at the point you want your button do the following:

Insert --> Picture --> Find the location of your button --> Click your picture --> Insert --> Hyperlink --> Enter the location you want the button to link to.
What are you meaning?  Do you want a hyperlink which will link to a form on the internet (i.e. you could give a http://.... address for it)?  Do you want to send the form with the e-mail?

What do you mean 'link it to a button'?
bfraserAuthor Commented:
I want to click a button, open the browser and pass the URL to the browser
Choose for HTML in your outlook settings.

There you can create a button with a link.

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