Sharing drives between win2k and 98

I've got 3 computers on my network, 1 win2k rc3, one win98 and on win95.
I'm able to share the win95's and win98's drives between both of them and the win2k computer, but i can't access the win2k computer from either one of the win9X computers, it just gives me the following dialogbox:
resoucre: \\[win2k computer]\IPC$
password :

it doesnt matter what password i type in, the admin or anything else, i cant connect to my win2k machine.
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
The user account you used to log on to the win9x computers must exist in the Win2K user list.  And if you didn't log on, then you need to under Win9x.

For example, if you have an "Administrator" account on the Win2K box, then go to the start menu on each of the 9x boxes and log out (not shut down).  Then Log back in using the "Administrator" account and use the same password you did on the NT box.

(You can use any account name on the 9x boxes as long as it also exists in the Win2K box)
PsychoFoxAuthor Commented:
thanks for the tip, I'll check it out and give you you're points if it works!
PsychoFoxAuthor Commented:
when you share your disk,
open autorisations and check "network"
$it works for me
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