Where is everything?

I installed the Mandrake 6.5 Distribution and I have some things missing. When I try to access my help KDE help files, I get the message "not found". I get this same message when trying to access things such as the KDE Development tool, and javac. I've only installed cd #1, I never installed the extras cd, could this be where everything is?
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n0ctrnlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Best thing to do is this:  rpm -qa | grep kde
If you see the kde packages, its installed.  If not, then it is on the other cd.  I'm unfamiliar with the bonus cd, so you'll have to look their as well.  Could also be that the files are on the first cd, and you just didnt get them installed during initial setup.
keisaAuthor Commented:
If they are on the first cd, how do I go about getting them installed again?
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